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For over 20 years Russell Fairweather has been capturing memories, special moments and milestones in the lives of Australian families.

Let's face it, photos are important - they remind us of fantastic times, they record our history and provide evidence and illustration to detail our lives. Your photographer needs to be someone you can relate to - someone who cares enough to capture the individuality of each moment -someone who has the technical knowhow to keep ahead of the technologies on offer and ensure that you have the best results everytime...."Sometimes life doesn't let you reshoot." .
Russell is passionate about his craft.. truly obvious in the final result. Russell has a rare gift and is in the broadest sense of the word "a People Person". Everyone from gurgling tinies to embarrassed teenage debutantes , ballerinas, brides, rock bands and grandparents all seem to fall under Russell's spell....

Russell’ s skill at capturing the “magic of the moment” has ensured his longstanding succces in this creative and competitive industry.
Our extended team of photographers and technicians each bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our organisation and we value them highly.
We print all our work in our own photographic laboratory, recognising that printing is an art form in itself. This ensures quality prints every time and we pride ourselves in our ability to pay attention to detail. It also ensures that we have greater control over our pricing structure and can provide greater value for money.
You can trust our dedicated team to bring you our special mix of technology and magic, to get you the photos you love, time after time.

...Here at the Image we can cover everything: Preschools , Debutante Balls, Dancing Schools, Weddings, - quite simply, any of those special occasions that require careful capture..

P.O. BOX 428 SEYMOUR 3660
03 5792 1260


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